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The Continental Automated Buildings Association publishes market research, forecasts, consumer surveys, standard and protocol updates, engineering reports and training resources.


CABA Information Series
The CABA Information Series promotes information transfer relating to advanced home and building technologies.

CABA Event Reports
CABA Event Reports are concise intelligence reports that detail the proceedings of industry-related conferences and events.

2008 State of the Connected Home Market Study
The 2008 State of the Connected Home Market Study was commissioned by the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) and conducted by Zanthus, a high-tech market research firm, to investigate consumer attitudes and behaviors with regard to the connected home.

Bright Green Buildings Report
The Continental Automated Buildings Association has released a comprehensive report on “bright” green buildings. “Bright” green buildings leverage intelligent technologies to support environmental sustainability while providing a significant return on investment (ROI).

CABA / Zanthus Home Control White Paper
Zanthus, a leading provider of technology-related market research and business consulting, recently authored a white paper examining home control for CABA's Connected Home Research Council.  Download the free white paper.

CABA Technology Roadmaps
CABA Technology Roadmaps are consultative reports that are designed to help industry, its supply-chain, academic and research groups, and governments come together to jointly identify and prioritize the technologies needed to support strategic research and development, marketing and investment decisions. 

North American Market Sizing Survey: Intelligent and Integrated Building Technology
CABA is conducting a study that will assist industry in determining the size and potential of the North American intelligent and integrated building technologies marketplace.  

North American Intelligent Buildings Roadmap 2011
CABA's Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council is undertaking a collaborative North American Intelligent Buildings Roadmap research project to further strengthen the existing industry knowledge base and further perspectives on intelligent and integrated buildings.

Bright Green Buildings: Convergence of Green and Intelligent Buildings
The intent of this research is to provide documented evidence and build tools that can be used to educate and influence end-users, building owners, architects, and contractors that a “greener building” can be achieved using intelligent technology, and will provide a tangible and significant return on investment. This research identifies the exciting developments taking place on the technology front and analyzes their implications for intelligent and green buildings, highlighting examples of “best in class” buildings employing green and intelligent technologies. These buildings are dynamic environments that respond to their occupants’ changing needs and lifestyles.

Industry Presentations
CABA makes presentations at various industry conferences, meetings and gatherings throughout the year. All industry presentations that CABA conducts are available for free download.

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