CABA Information Series

IS-2007-72: Digital Content Unleashed: The Slow but Inevitable Race Toward a Friction-Free Media World

This consumer survey from ABI Research reports on how consumers access audio and video (A/V) through retail purchases and downloads, and predicts access modalities in 2012. Impediment to the adoption of new A/V distribution and playback methods are difficulty in set-up, lack of content, and interoperability problems, all creating "friction" in A/V distribution. About 12 per cent of those surveyed bought on-line video in 2007 compared to less than 5 per cent in 2006. Now, most A/V is stored on CDs and DVDs. Over time, physical storage will migrate to network storage. This will facilitate place-shifting (alternate viewing locations) and time-shifting. Eventually, A/V will be stored on a home service and/or and Internet-based server. "Friction-free" access to A/V will benefit device manufacturers, software makers, content owners, and network operators.



















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