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IS-2008-113: State of the Connected Home Market (with tables)

The connected home is a place where entertainment, heating, lighting and other systems are linked into a central network for ease of control.  This idea continues to attract considerable consumer interest, according to the 2005 State of the Connected Home Study.  This Web survey of 1,834 online consumers in the U.S. was conducted in September 2005 by Zanthus.  According to our research, about one-in-five online consumers considers the connected home concept very appealing, and about one-in-three would consider setting up such a home given a reasonable cost.  Three basic prerequisites for the connected home either reached or exceeded mass market peneratration rates in 2005, according to our research.  Around a third of all households now have multiple PCs, just under half have broadband Internet access, and nearly one-in-five have a home network.  Among online U.S. households, about hald now have multiple PCs and broadband Internet access, and about one-in-four have either a wired or wireless home computer network





















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