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IS-2008-135: Windvision 2025: Backgrounder on Wind Energy

This paper by the Canadian Wind Energy Association describes wind projects planned in Canada through 2025.  Wind power worldwide accounted for 94,000 MW in 2007 and is expect to reach 500,000 MW by 2020 with a global investment of $1 trillion.  Canada generated about 1900 MW in 2008.  The largest generating country is Denmark and the fastest growing country is the U.S.  Wind generation costs will become favorable as the price of oil increases and carbon emissions are charged.  The Canadian Wind Energy Association has set a target of 20% power from wind generation by 2025 (the current level in Denmark).  This will require 22,000 wind turbines in 450 locations generating 55,000 MW and an investment of $132 billion employing 52,000.






















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