CABA Information Series

IS-2008-149: 2008 Wireless Attitudes Study

This market study by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association surveyed adults and teenagers to determine wireless usage in Canada.  72% of Canadian household (highest in Alberta) have cell phones in 2008; 6% use cell phones exclusively at home, while 19% are considering this change.  The highest penetration of cell phones is in the age range of 18-34.  Applications of cell phone are 61% for personal and 27% for business with more business use among those over 34.  Cell phones rank third in importance after computers and Internet access.  The most popular cell phone feature was text messaging followed by picture taking.  Only 4% download music to the cell phone.  The cell phone is not considered a replacement for an MP3 player. Digital camera, or video camera by more than 90% of respondents.






















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