CABA Information Series

IS-2009-113: New communication behaviours in a Web 2.0 world – Changes, challenges and opportunities in the era of the Information Revolution

This white paper from Alcatel-Lucent explores the impact on business of Web2.0.  Internet advertising will grow as more time is spent on the Internet instead of watching TV.  This advertising will be tailored to users’ preferences.  Mobile usage will grow with dual-mode WiFi;/mobile phones.  Emerging trends include collaboration, social interaction, personalization, active participation, less face-to-face communications.  Web 2.0 is characterized by more user interaction.  The Web 2.0 technologies market will grow from $746 million in 2008 to $4.6 billion in 2013.  The future beyond Web 2.0 is the semantic web that understands user requests.























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