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IS-2009-139: Ethernet Point-to-Point vs. PON - A comparison of two optical access network technologies and the different impact on operations

This paper from Keymile compares fiber optics networks that use active Ethernet Point-to-Point (PtP) versus PON (Passive Optical Network).  PtP depends on a fiber optics line from optical multiplexer in the central office to each subscriber, while PON uses a single source and splitters with filters for each subscriber.  Upstream PON uses a time–division multiplexed time slot assigned to each subscriber.  PtP could be terminated in a building equipment room.  PtP can offer higher data rates than PON.  PtP might be suited for large companies.  The growth of IPTV may push Internet speed requirements to 100 Mbps with 1000 Mbps a possible requirement in 10 years.  Performance and cost comparisons are included.

























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