CABA Information Series

(IS-2011-122) U.S. Smart Grid: Finding new ways to cut carbon and create jobs

This report from Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness at Duke University examines potential job creation among vendors to support an electric smart grid.  The report identifies 334 locations in the U.S. where job might be created.  The U.S. could lead the world in smart grid information technology.  However, competition from China, Korea, Japan, and India will be strong.  They already surpass the U.S. in some smart grid areas.  The report notes that while most U.S. projects have focused on advanced meters, “important smart grid applications that will be built upon the network infrastructureundefinedincluding those needed to accommodate grid-scale renewable energy, distributed power, and electric vehiclesundefinedare still in their infancy”

























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