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(IS-2012-132) “Intelligent Buildings and the Bid-Specification Process” Executive Summary

In 2012, CABA’s Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council (IIBC) commissioned the “Intelligent Buildings and the Bid-Specification Process” research study to greatly improve the understanding of the commercial bid and product specification process throughout the intelligent buildings industry value-chain and related decision-making process. The broad purpose of the study was to identify and understand the market imperfections and inconsistencies that exist in designing and implementing intelligent building projects, as well as making investment decisions on intelligent technologies. To this end, the research identified and assessed critical areas and importance factors to enable project sponsors to: further product/services market development; unify stakeholder decision-making processes; identify opportunities/needs for training and coaching to remove obstacles from the process; and to provide product demand information to parallel market segments and other business areas.






















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