CABA Information Series

(IS-2013-69) New IT Energy Efficiency Incentives: Opportunities Hiding in Plain Sight

This report from Cirrant highlights the “scotoma” of the existing IT Network energy management model and provides a perspective to the future paradigm in IT Network Infrastructure. This unmanaged energy, a large amount of which is presently being consumed unnecessarily, due to insufficient incentives, represents 86% of the US IT power budget. Standards based technologies are available which can be used to dematerialize much of the hardware that is currently manifested in the 3-tier architectural design, via a hybrid design consisting of fiber, wireless, and copper. This new design can diminish the need of wiring closets throughout a building and significantly reduce the power consuming HVAC, TER real estate space, and administrative costs. Dematerialization by itself will result in significant CAPEX and OPEX savings.


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