CABA Information Series

(IS-2013-73) The Customer Energy Management System (CEMS) White Paper

This report from EIS Alliance examines Customer Energy Management Systems. A Customer Energy Management System (CEMS) is a building‐hosted control system programmed to monitor and save energy by managing building equipment. A CEMS performs centralized monitoring, control of electrical loads to reduce energy usage and cost, and sophisticated energy forecasting. The development of the smart grid will allow the role of the CEMS to expand, to the benefit of energy users and energy providers alike. On the energy user side, consumers will enjoy more flexibility and greater ability to contain costs. On the energy provider side, the CEMS will become a tool for enhancing grid stability and efficiency. Without the smart grid to enable direct communications from the energy service or distribution system provider, a building is simply a static load. The smart grid will allow the sharing of energy information across the electrical grid among many stakeholders.


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