CABA Information Series

(IS-2014-157) Smart Grid Data Communication: Accelerating Results in Spain

This paper, by DNV GL, reviews the Spanish market’s Smart Meter roll-out, outlines the involvement that the SG DataCom Lab had with the project, and gives their view on the future of Smart Metering. Spanish utility companies formed the “Spanish Utility Consortium”, which was responsible for ensuring that the companies were using the same specifications and communication protocols. As of now, 7 million smart meters have been installed, and clients are eager to upgrade their traditional meters to smart meters to take advantage of newly possible contract schemes that take into account the hourly market price of electricity rather than constant pricing schemes. DNV GL was involved with defining the framework for conformance testing and interoperability testing requirements. The SG DataCom Lab was the lab used for testing by the Spanish Utilities Consortium and the PRIME Alliance. The lab now consists of six testing stations that cover the end-to-end testing requirements of the Spanish Smart Meter Project.




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