CABA White Paper

Improving Organizational Productivity with Building Automation Systems

The worldwide emphasis on energy management and sustainability has stimulated the development of new building automation and IT technology, and the adoption and integration of these systems in smart buildings. The rate of adoption is dramatically increasing, resulting in increasing numbers of organizations housed in smart buildings with advanced building control technology. Beyond resource sustainability, there is growing interest in the potential for buildings to affect the health and well-being of occupants, and the productivity of organizations. This white paper, authored by National Research Council Canada, explores how the use of advanced building control technology can improve organizational productivity. It concludes with a call to action to developers, building owners, and tenant organizations to form a real estate movement that realizes the full potential of buildings to save energy and to be a factor in improving as contributors to corporate performance and environmental sustainability. “Improving Organizational Productivity with Building Automtion Systems” is a white paper resulting from the interest of the CABA member organizations in this topic and the efforts of the CABA Intelligent & Integrated Building Council (IIBC) White Papers Sub-Committee. The working group that oversaw the creation of this paper consisted of CABA members, and industry and academic representatives from: Andrews University, Oxford Properties, TD Bank Group, University of Western Ontario, and the U.S. General Services Administration.