Continental Automated Buildings Association provides tremendous benefits to its membership and to the entire home and large building automation industry as a whole. CABA is the only industry association of companies involved in integrated systems and the automation of buildings and homes. The testimonials below are evidence of the tremendous advantages that membership brings.

Member Testimonials

The CABA White Paper Program alone has justified the price of membership."
Richard Jackson, President, IEC Systems  
The NewsBrief is fantastic!"
Bret Jacob, Director of Builder Sales, CORE Brands  
I really like what the CABA team have done with the CABA NewsBrief. I look forward to each edition I receive. As much as I try to keep up on the latest technologies and happenings, I always learn something new when I read the NewsBrief."
Larry Ehlinger, Senior Director, Advanced Engineering & Smart Home Technologies, Pella Corporation  
Compass Intelligence works with many industry organizations, but when it comes to groups working in the connected home and intelligent building sector, CABA is by far the best association.”
Keith Robinson, Senior Strategist and Consultant at Compass Intelligence
If CABA has more webinars, please, please, please let me know. I will attend what I can. This CABA Connected Home Council meeting was like a candy store, except cooler. Information never tasted so sweet!”
Brittany Hack, SecurTek Monitoring Solutions

I have attended many industry events and, as a first-time attendee, the CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum was by far the best industry event that I have ever attended.”
Bob Allen, The Siemon Company
The CABA library contains some of the most high quality research material that focuses in the areas of Building and Residential markets that I have come across doing research over the years in these markets. CABA has the most concentrated information focusing in these two markets.”
Roger Pena, Houston Community College
I’m very pleased to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CABA. As one of the originals of the organization, I’ve watched it develop as a leader within this industry and help move it forward. Anyone who is not part of the organization should join.”
Bob Lane, Robert H. Lane Consulting
Throughout all of my experience, CABA has been extremely helpful. It is an excellent organization with excellent publications and initiatives which promote events and standard. I look forward to CABA’s next 25 years.”
John Antonchick, NCN Associates
I want to congratulate CABA for doing a great job over the last 25 years. CABA has been a leader in both the home and building markets through both its research and its industry outreach. Everything that the organization does is a valuable resource to our company and many others.”
Steve Harvey, Global Research Advisors
The relationship between CABA and Z-Wave Alliance is absolutely phenomenal. Over the years, the support from CABA has proven to the best relationship we have had in the home and building automation industry.”
Bill Scheffler, Sigma Designs
CABA has been instrumental in bringing us together with other organizations with similar interests, to form a common bond in order to understand where the industry is going. CABA undertakes specialized research and is an excellent source of information, through its Web site and various research studies and projects.”
Chellury (Ram) Sastry, Samsung Electronics
I found the CABA Digital Home Forum to be the best, most-focused forum of smart home leaders assembled in one place in the U.S. I look forward to more of them!"
Tim Enwall, Mobiplug
CABA members and CABA's management staff have been uniquely influential in supporting the controlled growth of LumenCache. Our innovative product has the potential to transform a complex industry. CABA membership, and the professional relationships it helps foster, is a key component to our market strategy as we partner with the very best companies in the industry."
Derek Cowburn, Founder, Lumen Cache, Inc.
The CABA LinkedIn news feed is most valuable. I always look for it. It has very rich content."
Jane Nero, Independent Market Research Consultant
The CABA library and its research are of great importance in my studies and professional life." 

Veichali Mahendra, MSc Student, University of Reading
The value of the press coverage we receive is worth the cost of CABA membership."
Jesse Lind,  Director of Sales & Operations, Cortexa
In North America, a group that has taken the lead in promoting and researching intelligent building systems is the Continental Automated Buildings Association."
Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor, Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine
We feel that CABA is an excellent source to keep a pulse on industry developments."
Phil Kopp, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Eye Inc.
CABA is a doing a wonderful job in promoting and advocating more intelligence for buildings."

Jim Long, Director of Research, Herman Miller, Inc.

Heartiest congratulations to CABA members and staff on your remarkable milestone. Challenging times require dedicated staff and committed members -- and indeed that has been the secret to CABA's twenty years of success. It's a real pleasure for me to salute CABA, and to recognize its outstanding achievements."

Jack Fraser, former CABA President
CABA is an excellent association to further industry thought and insights. The broad and diverse CABA membership also provides expanded opportunities for networking and collaboration."

Martin Cullum, former CABA Chairman of the Board

CABA is an excellent organization.  Its mantra is to be the definitive information source for home and building automation and it achieves this objective by providing the industry with outstanding research and practical steps to drive the development of high performance home and buildings."

Brad Haeberle, Vice President, Siemens

In 1994, when I joined CABA, I felt the initiative of a few major manufacturers and utility companies was an opportunity to keep abreast of trends that had the potential to affect technological development within our industry.  My intention at that time was to participate for only a few years.  now 14 years later, I am still involved at the highest levels, and it goes without saying that CABA is the best method to network, monitor technological and industrial developments and most importantly, develop opportunities to grow your business."

Leo DelZotto, President, Tridel Corporation

Buildings and workplaces are changing rapidly through the convergence of real estate and technology solutions. CABA is the leading organization in North America that communicates and promotes the building technology trends that are shaping the next generation of real estate."
Wolfgang Wagener, Head of Global Real Estate and Construction Solutions, Cisco Systems

CABA is leading the industry in promoting intelligent building integration. It focuses on validating the economic impact of integrated systems and developing tools to measure return on investment -- real-world concerns for building owners, operators and designers. That's the reason Honeywell is a sponsor and founding member. And it's why we contribute to the CABA task forces, working toward the common goal of improving building efficiency, productivity, safety and comfort."

Roy Kolasa, Integrated Solutions Market Manager, Honeywell Global Marketing

CABA is an excellent industry resource that provides great support to its members in the building industry and those industries that support it. Creating and improving upon 'intelligent' buildings and integrated systems technologies requires great research and information on the industry, which CABA certainly provides."
Michael Lee, VP Strategy & Development, Rogers Cable Communications Inc.

CABA provides a critical connection between those of us who develop technology for intelligent buildings and those who specify, install, and use the products"
Jack Tison - VP Technology, Panduit Corp.

Automated buildings can have a huge impact on cost control, energy management, improved security, and a host of other valuable applications. We checked out the Continental Automated Buildings Association and joined immediately."

Frank Bisbee, Communication Planning Corp.

Bell Canada is an active member of CABA. The diverse and influential CABA membership provides a wealth of networking opportunities to share information and establish new business relationships between industry players."
Martin Cullum, GM Technology Development - Video Networks, Bell Canada

Trane supports and actively participates with CABA in order to continue to advance the movement toward IT based open standard protocols that enable building system information exchange. Having an active forum that gathers input from building owners, operators and multiple building system providers is key to realizing the potential of true building information management."
Jay Althof, Vice President, Global Control Systems, Trane

CABA is the most consistent source of unbiased information about the home systems and building automation markets. I recommend CABA to all my clients in these markets."

Dr. Ken Wacks, President, Ken Wacks Associates

CompTIA certification Cornerstone Partners such as CABA are key to the success of the CompTIA Home Technology Integrator (HTI+) program. Their subject matter expertise and ongoing involvement in the HTI+ committee help provide a valuable benchmark and validation of the skills of professionals installing and servicing the automated home industry.”

John Venator, President and CEO, CompTIA

As a long time veteran of the residential integrated electronics industry, I have always turned to CABA to provide me with no nonsense, accurate and current information on the 'who, what, why' that is happening in the industry and they always deliver. CABA has the information that is valuable to dealers - where the industry is going, new products and services, and networking opportunities. Keep up the good work!"

Helen Heneveld, HDCI, Heneveld Dynamic Consulting, Inc.

CABA is a great organization and is second to none in gathering and distilling relevant industry information to its constituents. LANTRONIX relies heavily on that membership service to target our products and focus business development activity."

Dan Quigley, Executive VP and GM, Applications, LANTRONIX

CABA is one of the best sources of information for companies involved in the digitally connected home."
Michael Wolf, Director of Enterprise and Residential Communications, In-Stat/MDR

CABA's publications and resources, especially the CABA QUARTERLY and the CABA Event Reports, easily justify our membership. These reports allow me and my team to evaluate all the relevant technologies, products, companies, trends and events in order to best focus our efforts."

Tom Rauscher, President, Archi-Technology, LLC

I admire CABA for not putting out any one viewpoint. The organization provides an excellent forum for discussion and facilitates information exchange of a high order. My research into any subject area in building controls usually starts with a trip to their Web site"
Madeleine Bath, General Manager, securityXML Limited

I look forward to CABA's useful and concise Event Reports. They've become a regular tool I use to help track evolving market views being presented at events by our partners and competitors."

Kevin Eagan, General Manager, Windows eHome Division, Microsoft Corporation

CABA is becoming to the automation industry what ASHRAE is to the HVAC industry providing documentation, standards, forums and industry consensus that bridges over several industries such as lighting, security, HVAC, home market, etc."

  Ken Sinclair, Editor/Owner, AutomatedBuildings.com

Cisco is a member of CABA to further our vision of broadband communications and to expand both the consumer Internet Lifestyle and commercial investments in building automation."

Kristine Stewart, Director, Market Development, Worldwide Commercial Marketing, Cisco Systems

For the record, I was wrong not to join CABA sooner. Print it. Forward it. Have people call me. The information I regularly receive and the opportunities that CABA presents are worth the investment. Thanks again for your hard work and commitment."

  Keith Ostwald, Smart Systems Technologies, Inc.

With all the great things that CABA is doing for my business, they can count on my support from now to the end of time! Of all the affiliations we have, our membership in CABA has proven to be the most beneficial."
Richard Perkins, CEO, Property Control Systems Ltd.

The presentation of information and standards on your Web site is excellent! CABA is performing a valuable service for all who feel standards interoperability is vital to the success of many of today's initiatives."

Ralph Abbot, President, Plexus Research, Inc.

There is simply no better industry organization for keeping our company current on major industry issues than CABA. Having been a CABA member since inception, OnQ Technologies relies on the CABA Event Reports, CABA Home & Building Automation QUARTERLY and Web-based seminars for timely relevant information about this fast paced industry. The OnQ investment in CABA membership pays regular dividends!"
David Hanchette, VP Marketing, On-Q Home
The CABA Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings is a well researched and written document that I promote as recommended reading for our people as well as architects, engineers and owners. It presents a solid portrait of the state of our industry and a clear vision of where we are headed." 

Terry Hoffmann, Systems Sales Executive, Johnson Controls, Ltd.
ProSyst Software is a truly pleased member of CABA. I would strongly recommend to any company involved in home or building systems and technologies to join this organization. They are a neutral and international source for information and intelligence."
Dr. Susan Schwarze, Marketing Director, ProSyst Software AG

My entire team reads your QUARTERLY. Very nice job! You are doing great things for the intelligent building world and I am really glad to be affiliated with CABA!"

Jim Young, Producer, Realcomm; President, REApplications

CABA's Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings is a comprehensive and stimulating report. It is an exciting read, packed with useful information and thought provoking content."
Ed Regan, Account Executive, Interstate Electronics Company