Monetization of Intelligent Buildings 


"Siemens has a long history of using technology to create the optimal environment. As digitalization and innovation have evolved to provide more transparency to building performance our business has as well. This study provides unique insight into the true value these innovations bring to the market and can help dictate the business model of the future." - Adnan Akbari,  Senior Strategy Manager, Siemens Building Technologies

"In recent years, Acuity Brands has focused on ‘expanding the boundaries of lighting’ – our long-time focus - and we have therefore invested in building controls, management systems, and analytics to improve operational efficiency, security, comfort, and more within buildings. While many of our customers have traditionally focused on ROI - the ‘payback period’ to off-set capital expenditures with energy efficiency savings – many of the capabilities we now offer require a different and more complex value proposition. We believe CABA’s ‘Monetization of Intelligent Buildings’ study will help us better understand what customers value and the business / pricing models that will allow our Company to succeed in an evolving space." - Tucker D. Boren, Business Intelligence Leader, Acuity Brands, Inc.

"My name is Dan Niewirowicz, I lead a special projects group at CyberPower focused on providing power management solutions for automation from the edge to the cloud. I represent CyberPower at CABA as a Platinum Board Member. The reason we joined the Monetization of Intelligent Buildings research project is our interest in market direction and the opportunity’s this could bring for CyberPower. There has been much discussion in the intelligent building space about siloed systems and IT & OT networks, and which deployment will be most successful in managing the coming explosion of data on these networks, this all sides can agree on. As more & more devices are harvesting real-time data in facilities the need for a secure / robust network exists. Analytics, whether at the edge or in the cloud are also becoming standard in intelligent buildings leading to such advantages as predictive maintenance, energy savings and occupant comfort. The more this software is utilized the greater the capacity for network traffic becomes. As a network hardware support product manufacturer, we see opportunity whether OT networks are installed parallel to existing IT networks or if there is a convergence of these two networks requiring expansion of the IT network capacity. We hope to realize, following the research, which direction the marketplace will choose, whether new parallel OT networks or expanded IT/OT convergence so that we can best posture to support the market. As a former automation integrator, I can say the only way a project moved forward is if the was a clear & short path to ROI. Knowing the path to ROI will help us all to be successful in intelligent buildings future." - Dan Niewirowicz, Special Projects Group, CyberPower Systems (USA), Inc.  


The purpose of this $150,000 research project is to provide a comprehensive examination of how to monetize intelligent buildings from the perspective of building owners, developer, solution providers (OEM manufacturers and service providers) and other stakeholders.  This research will include: stakeholder analysis, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, use-cases and industry recommendations. 


Project Proposal


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Access to full, completed research is only available to participating funding organizations.

Bronze Funder ($5K):
• Name and logo will be placed on the front page of the research report, slide deck, media releases, and marketing material.  
• Opportunity to participate in the final webinar with all the funders which will highlight the findings of the research in detail.   
• Ability to ask the questions to the research analysts.
• Final report, executive summary and presentations. 
Silver Funder ($10K) – Most Common Level: 
• All benefits of the Bronze Funder. 
• Will be on the Steering Committee and allowed to: define the research scope and methodology, provide feedback and input regarding the direction of the study, and participate in Steering Committee webinars.  
• Will have a special one (1) hour webinar specifically for your organization.  Anyone from your organization can attend and receive a detailed overview of the research findings that relate to your organization.   
• Will receive bonus research reports that the vendor may provide.   
Gold Funder ($15K): 
• All benefits of the Silver Funder.  
• Will receive a case study within the research to highlight the work your organization has been doing in the area.  Case studies are typically supplied by the funder, but in some instances research firms have developed case studies on the funder’s behalf. 
• The case study will be included with the executive summary, which will be distributed to all CABA member contacts.

We recently announced this CABA Landmark Research project and already these CABA members have committed to fund the study:



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