Connected Home Roadmap 


The Continental Automated Buildings Association’s Connected Home Roadmap research study was released for sale to members on July 12, following a 4-month embargo period. CABA, through its Connected Home Council, completed the collaborative Connected Home Roadmap on March 12. It provides a comprehensive examination of the current state and future roadmap for the smart home market. The report seeks to understand how use cases, customer environments and buying behaviours, and evolving ecosystem interactions all impact and influence the development of the connected home market.

One of the conclusions of the report was that significant complexity and cost involved in integrating with multiple platforms could reduce the value potential for smart home stakeholders. The report analyzes opportunities for ecosystem collaboration to progress beyond “integration” in order to support complex device, systems, and applications interactions. Integration with the surrounding smart hubs, currently dominated by a small number of prominent players, will be a critical phase but also a potential stumbling block in furthering the connected home,” said Ronald J. Zimmer, CABA President & CEO.

“This is just one of several challenges that connected homes currently face and that are addressed in the CABA Connected Home Roadmap. Organizations can use the report to develop a clear understanding of the key trends and forces influencing the direction of the connected home, while suggesting potential pathways and tactics for taking advantage of the expanding market opportunities,” said Zimmer. “There are valuable recommendations put forward on how OEMs, technology suppliers, software providers, services/integration providers, home builders/developers and other stakeholders can capture new value from smart, connected offerings.”

CABA's research project identified as its primary goal the need to examine in depth the current and future development considerations that “Internet of Things” (IOT) technologies and the services that these technologies enable will have in the connected home market. The study provides actionable insights and data as it relates to the current and future market opportunities and development considerations that influence the trajectory of the connected home. Harbor Research, which conducted the study on behalf of CABA, examined the opportunities provided by IoT for connected home stakeholders, including: consumers; builders and developers; integrators and installers; technology manufacturers; equipment manufacturers; and service providers, including insurance companies, net service providers and utility companies. Current and future applications for IoT technologies in homes were examined in the context of plausible future outcomes for the connected home, including identifying the technical makeup of solutions and value proposition for various market participants.

The following CABA members sponsored the study: Acuity Brands, ComEd - An Exelon Company,   Control4, Hydro One, Moen, Panasonic, Rheem, Renesas Electronics, Resideo, Signify, and Southern California Edison (SCE).

The research firm, Harbor Research, is a CABA member and a consulting firm which provides market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training services across multiple industries.  The study was a major initiative of the CABA Research Program, which offers a range of opt-in technical and advisory research services designed to provide industry stakeholders with collaborative research and R&D opportunities.  Greg Walker, CABA Research Director, was the project manager and can be contacted at: [email protected] for more information.  


For more information on ordering the report, obtaining the executive summary (complimentary to CABA members), or other CABA research, please contact Greg Walker, CABA Research Director.

Greg Walker
CABA Research Director
Email: [email protected]
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