Intelligent Building Energy Management Systems


The purpose of this research is to examine challenges and opportunities associated with intelligent buildings energy management systems.

Using industry expert interviews and consumer surveys, the research will provide actionable data relevant to: the state of the market, key industry players business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, use-cases and industry recommendations. The final report is slated for publication in February 2021.

Harbor Research, Inc. was selected through a competitive RFP process in early 2020.


Research Prospectus 


Informational Webinar by Harbor Research, Inc. 

Access to full, completed research is only available to participating funding organizations. The image above shows the logos of the current participating sponsors, all of them CABA members. 

Funders of the project  may participate at one of the levels below, and will receive the benefits associated with the level of contribution.

Titanium Funder (1K):
• Name and logo will be placed on the front page of the research report, slide deck, media releases, and marketing material.  
• Following the four (4) month embargo period the full research can be purchased at a $1K discount.
• Executive summary report (not the full research).
Bronze Funder ($5K):
• All benefits associated with the Titanium Funder level.  
• Opportunity to participate in the final webinar with all the funders which will highlight the findings of the research in detail.   
• Ability to ask the questions to the research analysts.
• The raw data from the research
• Final report, executive summary and presentations. 
Silver Funder ($10K) – Most Common Level: 
• All benefits associated with the Bronze Funder level. 
• Will be on the Steering Committee and allowed to: define the research scope and methodology, provide feedback and input regarding the direction of the study, and participate in Steering Committee webinars.  
• Will have a special one (1) hour webinar specifically for your organization.  Anyone from your organization can attend and receive a detailed overview of the research findings that relate to your organization.   
• Will receive bonus research reports that the vendor may provide.   
Gold Funder ($15K): 
• All benefits associated with the Silver Funder level.  
• Will receive a case study within the research to highlight the work your organization has been doing in the area. The case study would typically be supplied by the funder, but in some instances research firms have developed case studies on the funder’s behalf. 
• The case study will be included with the executive summary, which will be distributed to all CABA member contacts.


CABA seeks partners to conduct this important work.  For more information on this opportunity, please contact Greg Walker, CABA Research Director. 
Greg Walker
CABA Research Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613.686.1814 x227