7. Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the IoT (2017)
7. Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the IoT (2017)
The proliferation of Internet of Things technology related to buildings has caused a dramatic shift from few siloed building systems to an interconnected system of devices and sensors that have the ability to collect and share data within and across buildings. This, in turn, has created a large opportunity to increase the efficiency, security, productivity, occupancy comfort and profitability of buildings as relevant IoT data can be analyzed remotely and actionable information can be generated.

It is critical that organizations in the building and IoT value chains have a solid understand of the current state and future direction of the Building IoT market, as this market is projected by Memoori Business Intelligence Ltd to reach US$76 billion by 2020. The goal of this research is to provide a comprehensive examination of all the major aspects of IoT related to buildings, including: state of the market, building IoT trends, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, case studies and industry recommendations.
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