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Bob Allan
Vice President Sales

Bob Allan is the Vice President of Sales for NAVCO Inc., headquartered in Fullerton, CA, an industry leading security integrator. Bob is responsible for East Region sales management. Mr. Allan has over 15 years in the IT industry and worked at Honeywell Building Solutions from 2010 to 2013 helping customers optimize and integrate their buildings and the Siemon Company from 2013-2022 where he led the Intelligent Buildings and Strategic Alliances team.

Anto Budiardjo
Padi.io CEO, Mentor, Digital Twin & Cybersecurity Evangelist

Anto Budiardjo is a veteran in the connected building space. Since 1989, he has led the development and promotion of building connectivity and integration technologies. His first product, the CdC Engine, first installed in 1991, was deployed widely in the UK and Europe through integrators and OEMs. The “Engine” was the first PC-based integration platform and graphical UI for buildings. Today, Anto is focused on a new venture to bring system integration into the Internet era with an online integration and collaboration platform Padi.io. Core to the current work is the advocacy of CNS/CP (Connection Profiles), an integration mechanism created by Padi and now being adopted as an open mechanism by Digital Twin communities, including the Digital Twin Consortium, as a key integration tool.

James Carlini
President, Carlini & Associates

James Carlini, MBA, is author of LOCATION LOCATION CONNECTIVITY, Next-Generation Real Estate, Intelligent Infrastructure, Technology, and the global Platform for Commerce (Published 2014). As President of Carlini & Associates, since 1986, he is also a visionary and strategist for mission critical networks, technology, and intelligent infrastructure.

He is also a former Practice Area Director for Arthur Young (now, Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four Consulting Firms) and former award-winning adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University in both Executive Masters and undergraduate programs (1986-2006) developing and teaching courses in Technology Management, E-Commerce Business Strategies, Network Security, Six Sigma, Team Dynamics, and international applications of technology.

He is an expert witness in Civil and Federal courts on Mission Critical Networks and Intelligent Infrastructure. He was the Consultant to the Mayor’s Office on the Planning & Design of the Chicago Emergency 911 Center among other strategic mission critical infrastructure projects including those at O’Hare International Airport, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Sanwa Bank, AT&T, & GLOBEX.

His original “Platform for Commerce” definition of infrastructure and its impact on economic growth was written in a 2009 whitepaper for the US Department of Homeland Security entitled, “Intelligent Infrastructure: Securing Regional Sustainability” and was later adopted and referred to in the US ARMY Corps of Engineers’ Handbook, “Infrastructure and the Operational Art” (2014) and its 2016 publication of Infrastructure in Subpopulations.

Carlini wrote columns for several trade publications including Electrical Contractor,  International Policy Digest, ALLROYA (Dubai-based Financial Publication), Security Magazine Cabling Business Magazine, and whitepapers for the National Military Intelligence Foundation’s American Intelligence Journal and George Mason University’s School of Law’s Critical Infrastructure & Homeland Security Publication. He spoke at the SMART CITIES INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM (2021 and 2022).

He has appeared in several interviews on TV, a regular guest speaking on technology issues on a Public Affairs Radio Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and keynote speaker at various national conferences on Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Asymmetric Warfare, and Cybersecurity Issues.

Jill Frey
President & CEO, Cummins Facility Services

Jill Frey, CEO of Cummins Facility Services, is a well-respected leader in the facility services industry. Jill assumed leadership of Cummins Facility Services (CFS) immediately after graduating from the University of Toledo and has dedicated her career to developing the company her parents created. Under her leadership, the company has grown from 15 employees with operations in one state, to more than 1000 employees, with operations nationwide. CFS is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise through The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and is certified as a CIMS with Honors and CIMS Green Building with Honors through ISSA.

Jill has a keen understanding of the value of networking and surrounding oneself with successful individuals, both within your industry and beyond. Being a visionary, always looking for ways to set herself apart and recognizing the unlimited capabilities of technology, Jill has expanded her focus beyond the everyday business of CFS to create new technological endeavors.

FacilityinSite, a company Jill founded in 2019, is focused on using technology to enable buildings to tell users what they need, in terms of being “sick,” hot, cold, etc., and how to manage energy more efficiently. Projects for FI include sensors that determine when a building needs to be serviced; air purifying technology that is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal; and the development of nanotechnology-based functional fluids, or nanofluids. These advancements also conserve energy costs and automate the building for the best hybrid or optimization results.

In addition, Jill serves as Chairwoman and co- founder for The Facility Data Standard Consortium (FDSC), a 501(c)(6) dedicated to advancing global open standards for secure data transfer and integration in the facility ecosystem. FDSC was developed by industry subject matter experts, so that the benefits of electronic information technology are widely, quickly, and economically available to the industry. FDS opened a European chapter in 2022 partnering with Europe’s largest engineering trades organization.

Jill’s dedication to the facilities industry and uncovering new and innovative ways to improve technology, operations and efficiency in her field are at the core of how Jill continues to grow her business so successfully and positively impact the businesses and communities she serves. Jill sits on many board positions and is passionate about helping other women and minority businesses.

Michael Grant
Co-Founder & COO, Metrikus

Michael Grant is the co-founder and COO of Metrikus. Michael is an operations, strategy and management professional with over 20 years in the technology sector. Specialising in technology, software, IoT, ESG and cloud, Michael has over 10 years’ experience working at Senior Management and C-Level and has dealt with large teams to deliver solutions with exceptional service – clients include those from banking, commercial real estate and IT sectors.

Kim Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer, MHT Technologies

Kim Johnson has over 10 years of marketing leadership and experience in a wide range of industries such as consulting, retail data, consumer packaged goods, and technology. Today she serves as chief marketing officer for MHT Technologies, a leader in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting and building automation software. At MHT, Johnson leads marketing of the company’s core brands, products and platform-based solutions. Most recently, she was elected President of the newly formed PoE Consortium – an industry organization dedicated to the education and advocacy for PoE-based smart building solutions.

Johnson previously led marketing for a PoE lighting startup, where she developed and executed branding and communications strategy that earned significant market exposure. Johnson was recognized for her efforts by LEDs Magazine, as a member of their inaugural class of 40 Under 40 and received multiple marketing leadership awards.

Johnson has a bachelor’s degree from Augustana University in South Dakota and graduated with honors from the University of Iowa’s full-time MBA program with an emphasis in marketing.

Isiah Jones
Cyber Engineer ICS OT IIoT IoT | GICSP, CISSP

Isiah Jones has 18 years of progressive experience in various aspects of IT, security, assurance, and ICS. In 2014 he decided to work exclusively on ICS security and has since performed work in the Middle East, East Africa, Europe, Hawaii, and across the continental United States. Isiah has delivered ICS security for the US Navy, US Marine Corps, Siemens, and FERC in addition to various asset owners and operators across several sectors and asset-type verticals.  Has had a network of affiliations throughout US intelligence community, Defense community, Congress, FERC, DOE, DHS, Department of Commerce, various National Labs, ICS vendors, ICS integrators, and asset owners/operators. His rounded interdisciplinary experiences have touched many asset types and sectors (water, electric, oil, gas, building automation, airfields, maritime, manufacturing, life sciences pharma, pulp & paper, logistics & warehouse, SAP ERP etc.

Rick Justis
Managing Director

Rick Justis is the Managing Director at the Coalition for Smarter Buildings (C4SB). has spent the last several decades working with companies and organizations that have the potential to transform the built environment and drive broader adoption of technologies that can deliver positive change.  The variety of experience gained while working for companies like Apple, Dell, Johnson Controls, Honeywell and a long list of Start-Up’s in the Prop-Tech market has given him the ability to be relatively comfortable with conversations from board rooms to boiler rooms and he knows his way around Silicon Valley and Washington DC almost as well as his adopted home town of Kansas City, Missouri.

Jim Lee
Founder & CEO, Cimetrics

Jim Lee is the founder of Cimetrics and has acted as its CEO since its formation. Mr. Lee has been a leader in the embedded control networking and building automation community for over 20 years. As founder and former President of the BACnet Manufacturers Association, the leading open systems networking consortium in the building automation industry, Mr. Lee’s aggressive promotion of the BACnet open protocol standard has helped make Cimetrics a high-profile player in the arena. Mr. Lee has a B.A. in Physics from Cornell University.

Derek Peterson
Founder & CEO, Soter Technologies

Derek Peterson serves as chief executive officer of Soter Technologies, and is responsible for driving the company’s innovation and strategies that have set benchmarks for safety, security, and wellness in education and other markets. Under his leadership, Soter has delivered environmental sensing, social management, and indoor air quality monitoring solutions to customers in more than 22 countries.

Peterson has over two decades of extensive technical, functional, and management experience in the wireless, mobility, and automatic identification industries. Prior to founding Soter, he was Vice President of both Business Development and Software Engineering at Intelligent Product Solutions, and served in executive roles at Neohapsis, Computers By Design, which he co-founded in 2003, and Symbol Technologies.

Hailed as a technology visionary, Peterson founded Soter Technologies in 2018 and has been granted 18 U.S. Patents for his inventions related to technology, product design, and development for the company. Among his accomplishments at Soter, Peterson developed FlySense, the world’s first vape and bullying detection and alert system for schools, which has been deployed in educational settings around the world.

His accolades include winning the prestigious Roy L. Clayton Technology award in 2020, as one of the top 50 most influential African Americans in Technology named by the Journal of Black Innovation. A national thought-leader and expert in the field of the Internet of Things (IOT), Peterson currently writes for TechTarget / IOT Agenda and regularly speaks at universities and conferences across the United States on technology matters.

Peterson works with several community groups and serves as treasurer for the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch in Riverhead, New York, a not-for-profit organization that provides a safe haven and counseling services for at-risk youth. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Rich Tehrani

Rich Tehrani is a futurist and visionary in technology including cybersecurity, communications, blockchain and IoT. A well-respected voice in the technology space, Tehrani has been interviewed and quoted by The EconomistBoston Globe, Newsweek, WABC Radio, WMAL, New York Times, BusinessWeek, USA Today, The LA Times and CGTN. TMC, where he is CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, has educated tens of millions of tech decision-makers via numerous web portals. The company’s ITEXPO #TechSuperShow has educated hundreds of thousands of global IT decision-makers for the past 20 years. Tehrani founded TMCnet and has fostered its growth into one of the most popular Web sites in the world covering communications and technology. Rich is also the author of a widely read and popular blog covering cybersecurity, IoT, communications, and other technologies. The author of a tech dictionary, Tehrani is also an expert witness, editor, top social media influencer and sought-after speaker. In addition, he serves as CEO of Apex Technology Services, a leading provider of quality, timely and professional managed & cybersecurity services to the Fortune 200 on down.

Tim Vogel
Director of IoT

Tim Vogel, a CABA member and Director of IoT at KMC Controls, is passionate about helping others see more, know how, understand why, act faster, work smarter, and be more successful. The keys to realizing these passions are using technology and leveraging partnerships through relentless collaboration. For buildings, this means disrupting the old-guard model, innovating the approach to “smart,” an ardent emphasis on looking 10-years-out, and building a team that loves what they do. It is all about people, from top to bottom!

Ken Wacks
Management & Engineering Consultant

Dr. Kenneth Wacks has been a pioneer in establishing the home systems industry and a management advisor to more than 150 clients worldwide. His business specialties include IoT (Internet of Things) and cybersecurity for home and building systems, energy management for smart grids, and digital media networks. He also provides due-diligence for investors and expert witness services for litigants including patent and employment non-compete cases. Please visit kenwacks.com for information about his industry services, projects, and publications.

Corporate managers depend on Dr. Wacks to make high-tech business choices clear and actionable. He helps them identify business opportunities in emerging markets with practical advice relevant for product development, market positioning, and strategic partnerships. Executives value his worldview, insights, expertise, and experience to facilitate competent decisions on complex technologies.

Dr. Wacks was appointed by the United States Department of Energy to serve four terms on the GridWise® Architecture Council, focusing on the grid interface to customer equipment including DER (local power from wind, solar, and storage) managed automatically with artificial intelligence (AI). He is a founding member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, now part of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA). He chairs the Customer Grid Edge committee at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC).

The member nations of ISO/IEC have elected Dr. Wacks chair of the committee developing international home and building system standards for nine terms. He received the IEC 1906 Award commemorating the founding of the IEC in 1906 and honoring experts whose work is fundamental to world standards. He has also written American National Standards in home automation and networked appliances for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), where he chairs the energy management standards committee.

Dr. Wacks is a featured contributor to the CABA Journal (formerly iHomes & Buildings, available at www.caba.org) and a prolific author (more than 300 papers and presentations). He wrote the book Home Automation and Utility Customer Services. As an entrepreneur at a venture-backed startup, he developed UNIX workstations for the semiconductor industry. Dr. Wacks received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from MIT as a Hertz Fellow and studied at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is participating in the Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) consortium investigating corporate initiatives to enhance data security.