Thank you for your inquiry regarding CABA membership.

CABA has a variety of membership levels based on organization size (annual company revenue). Our diverse membership includes companies of every description, from small technology consultancies and mid-size IoT platform providers to large, multinational OEMs. Several market research organizations, conference producers, and publishers are also represented, as are a number of other industry associations. Several government agencies and post-secondary institutions are long-time CABA members as well. But manufacturers and distributors, systems integrators, software developers, building owners, and facility managers make up the majority of our members.

All told, CABA has nearly 400 organizations with activities across the large building and connected home spectrum across. They benefit from opportunities to:

  • Learn about and help shape the future of smart building/home technologies.
  • Collaborate on landmark research projects and build peer relationships.
  • Access free webinars and white papers on the latest trends and customer preferences.

As mentioned, membership costs are calculated based on organization size (annual company revenue). These levels are determined using the following table:

Membership Categories Annual Research Subscription/Membership Fee
1.       Regular Member $950 min., $5,000 max. USD
2.       Education Affiliate/Government* $1,900 USD
3.       Student Member** $100 USD
*An Educational Affiliate can be a University/College, a Trade/Vocational School or a Private Training Center. **Online access only.

Please note that regular membership is based on a flexible fee of $850 min., $5,000 max., based on $34 USD per million in revenue. Membership Fee Calculation example: $35 million annual revenue X 34 = $1,190 annual dues.

Should you have questions about membership levels and the flexible payment schedules we can offer, contact us at Member Services, caba [(at)] caba [(dot)] org. We look forward to hearing from you! Membership can provide you with the opportunity to:

1. Participate in highly-regarded industry research

The following are examples of the current and most recently completed projects supported by CABA members.

2. Join our active white paper program

Lead a WP working group alongside industry peers.

Recent projects on Human-Centric Lighting, WPT, PoE, Bipolar Ionization, and more.

3. Make an editorial contribution

The CABA Journal (blog) and the CABA NewsBrief (weekly newsletter) reach 17,000 industry contacts.

CABA NewsBrief — covering the large buildings and connected home markets. Distributed every Thursday
CABA Journal — industry perspectives from thought leaders

4. Build marketing presence

Organizations in the smart buildings/homes space can extend their online reach with an eblast package. Available exclusively to CABA members.

Eblasts — reach valuable industry contacts

5. Access the CABA Library

Nearly 1,200 peer-reviewed industry reports are available.

CABA Library — a trusted repository of industry research. Preview it!

Connect to the smart buildings/homes industry today by continuing the application form below for membership purchase.

Still have questions about membership? Reach Member Services at caba [(at)] caba [(dot)] org, call us at Toll-Free number 1.888.798.CABA, or complete the contact form on this page.

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