The CABA Intelligent Buildings Council (IBC) works to strengthen the large building automation industry through innovative technology-driven research projects. The Council was established in 2001 by CABA to specifically review opportunities, take strategic action and monitor initiatives that relate to integrated systems and automation in the large building sector. The Council’s projects promote the next generation of intelligent building technologies and incorporate a holistic approach that optimizes building performance and savings.

Last meeting: November 18, 2020


Keynote Presentation: “Digital Building implementation and Automation at the Marriott Sinclair Hotel”
Farukh Aslam, Sinclair Holdings, LLC and Luis Suau, Sinclair Digital, LLC

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 | 12 Noon – 1:30 PM ET

Description: This presentation will provide a brief overview of the technology powering and enabling building automation in the famed Marriott Sinclair Hotel. The Marriott Sinclair Hotel which opened in January of 2020 is the pinnacle of Digital Buildings. It is a 16 story, 1929 era historical building whose use changed from an office building and was transformed into a Marriott Autograph collection boutique luxury hotel. While larger projects for POE lighting have been installed, this project brought in more POE devices than just lighting plus motorized shades & curtains, door locks, GPON ONT’s, minibars, a TV embedded in bathroom mirrors, USB-C Chargers, etc. In addition to the extensive use of POE, the project also included the use of the first LG Li-Ion Energy Storage System in the US and use of VoltServer’s Digital Electricity to power the distributed network; the closest deployment to a DC Building microgrid. The approach saved 25% in electrical cost while providing a robust and reliable digital infrastructure for integration and guest room automation.


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