Intelligent Buildings and COVID-19 Report, Webinar Recording and Presentation Slides

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, bringing fundamental changes to the way business will be conducted—and the intelligent buildings industry is no exception. CABA commissioned Frost & Sullivan to evaluate the key challenges and opportunities and identify response measures that will help build resiliency. As this research is finding—and the experience of the pandemic is proving—there are distinct pockets of opportunity that the emerging future scenario could deliver. The project was divided into three inter-related modules and the first one is now available.

Module 1 | Impact Review
Focus: Immediate implications, reentry measures, regulatory and guidelines review, mitigation measures

In progress:
Module 2 | Technology Potential Evaluation
: New requirements in technology implementation, technology innovation potential, prospective technology radar and potential assessment
Module 3 | Future Readiness Assessment:
Focus: Planning for future infrastructure needs and requirements, resiliency building measures and key milestones to achieve