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221 Main Street, #360
Los AltosCA 94023
United States



California and increasingly other states and countries are adopting 100 percent clean energy and increased electrification of transportation and buildings. More clean energy means more solar, wind and storage. More electrification means more flexible electricity devices. The investment in and the operation of many millions of electrical generators, batteries and load devices owned by millions of people and companies will have to be coordinated with the investment and operation of existing large generation, transmission, and distribution facilities all interconnected on a common electricity grid. No longer can this interconnected system be centrally operated by a few parties.

TeMix envisions an electricity future where every party, large and small, invests in and operates their electricity devices (generators, batteries, air conditioners, electric vehicles, and more) for their benefit while transacting with other parties, to buy and sell electricity where the price is known before the transaction and the seller is bound to deliver and the buyer is bound to take and pay for the electricity that is transacted. Aided by “set and forget” device automation and simple, fast transaction systems most parties can benefit if they choose to participate.

Legislatures and regulators will set rules for the electricity transactions including environmental and equity rulemaking. The overall goal is a sustainable grid that is efficient, economic, fair, and clean.

TeMix’s goal is to provide simple and powerful transaction systems and automation to support this future.

Business Activities
Consultant, Engineering Firm, Software Developer, Transactive Market Design

Business Products
Access Controls, Automated Meter Reading, Communications, Computer/Network Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Controls/Automation, Controls/Sensors, Data Networking, Distance Learning/Training, Energy Management Systems, Home Automation, Home Networking, HVAC, Internet of Things (IoT), Large Building Controls, Process Automation, Protocols/Standards, Smart Grid, Software Development, Utilities