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Bret JacobDirector of Builder Sales, CORE Brands
The CABA NewsBrief - Apr. 30, 2020
The CABA NewsBrief
Apr. 30, 2020

U.S. Green Building Council and arbnco report showcases opportunities and roadblocks in current green building initiatives
North American Clean Energy
To promote discussion and transparency about evolving green initiatives, building technology company arbnco and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently hosted a series of roundtable discussions with building and energy executives. The event included attendees from companies such as Schneider Electric, Mace, and MetLife Investment Management. The findings of these discussions are featured in arbnco's just released 2020 Challenges of the Built Environment report. A vital point of the report centers around the importance of energy programs that touch upon the human experience, rather than too large a focus on energy and cost savings. Schneider Electric is a CABA Board member and the US Green Building Council is a CABA member.More

(IS-2020-41) Artificial Intelligence for Energy: How Smart Algorithms Can Improve Planning
This report was released in December 2019 by Miner & Kasch and discusses how electric utilities can gain new efficiencies, capabilities, and opportunities by leveraging cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning tools. The topics covered include utility use cases for AI, national grid's investment in AI for utilities, overcoming barriers to AI adoption, and initial steps toward an AI-enabled utility future. (CABA members may login to access this members-only content. Non-members please go to to obtain access to digital content.) More

(IS-2020-40) White Paper on Connected Lighting and the Integrated Home
This report by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) describes how the emergence of connected lighting presents opportunities for the integrated home. The topics covered include lighting of tomorrow, integrated home framework, characterization of connected residential lighting as part of the integrated home, barriers to connected lighting, commercial applications, next generation lighting systems, and leverage the strengths of the lighting for tomorrow competition model. (CABA members may login to access this members-only content.) Non-members please go to to obtain access to digital content.)More

Battery Management System Market
The rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) across the globe, on account of the increasing government policies and measures supporting the deployment of eco-friendly vehicles, is one of the major factors powering the sale of battery management systems (BMS) throughout the world. For instance, New Zealand joined the global EV initiative in 2018 that has put the country alongside the top electric vehicle markets. Additionally, the country plans to transition from fossil-fuel-powered transport to that running on clean and renewable electrical energy, over the next few decades. More

EDGE London Bridge will be most sustainable tower in capital
Workplace Insight
EDGE, the developer of a number of groundbreaking, energy-efficient office buildings has revealed its designs for its new London project. The name of the new sustainable development at St Thomas Street on London’s South Bank is EDGE London Bridge. The development aims to make the 255,000 square feet nia (23,500 square meters) tower featuring 26 floors of commercial office space into London’s most sustainable office tower.More

Why smart healthy buildings will become the 'new normal'
Connected Real Estate Magazine
While social distancing may remain normal going forward, it will be imperative that employees, tenants and building occupants feel safe and comfortable going back to a healthy and clean office environment. As the pandemic passes, hands-free control through secure mobile apps will provide security access, opening of doors, directing of elevators, turning on lights, adjusting temperatures and even using vending machines without ever having to touch anything.More

Benefits of using 5G technology in a commercial building
So much of what a building and its occupants do demands network connectivity, that a good connection is necessary and expected. Building owners and facilities managers should also consider the increased use of connected devices and sensors, and the looming sunsetting of 3G networks that’s possible in the next few years. With all those factors put together, your occupants might be considering if they should add 5G to their space.More

Why every business owner needs to invest in artificial intelligence
Why Mark Cuban believes the AI revolution will have a greater impact on industries than almost every other technological innovation.More

A human-centric office sets an example in spite of strict energy requirements and a limited luminaire vocabulary
Illuminating Engineering Society
As though they were stripped from a Millennial’s fantasy apartment, the green walls of plants throughout Delos’s New York City headquarters send a dual message to all who enter: we care about health and we care about you. Of course, given the office’s tenant, the visual statement of wellness is hardly a surprise. Delos Living, featured in this article, is a CABA Board member.More

Will COVID-19 hasten the adoption of intelligent robots?
The coronavirus has dealt a stunning blow to supply chains, logistics and fulfillment, shutting businesses and economies down and revealing many of the vulnerabilities they contain. Like other epidemics and pandemics, but unlike most other disasters we commonly encounter (earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, political unrest) that involve physical destruction of buildings and infrastructure, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on supply chains because it has knocked people out of the game.More

Alibaba lays out AI + IoT ecological chain, WIMI, Sensetime and MEGVII 5G + AI Vision are technologicalized
Digital Journal
The popular search term "new infrastructure" in China in 2020 includes seven fields, including 5G, ultra-high voltage, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet. Other than that, it's AIoT. There is a saying that the next decade will be the decade of AI technology.More

Wi-Fi is getting its biggest upgrade in 20 years
The Verge
In a few months, there’s going to be a lot more Wi-Fi to go around. The Federal Communications Commission voted recently to open up a plot of spectrum in the 6GHz band for unlicensed use — the same regulatory go-ahead that lets your router broadcast over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. That means there are now more open airwaves — a lot more — that routers can use to broadcast Wi-Fi signals.More

Webinar: Findings from The Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey | May 14, 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. ET
The Work-from-Home Experience Survey was launched in April by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a CABA member, to answer many of the questions on the minds of employers, employees, workplace designers and strategists, corporate real estate executives, facilities managers, and many others. The results will be presented in a May 14 webinar. Hosted by Kate North with experts Dr. Anita Kamouri, co-founder of Iometrics and Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics. CABA was among those associations assisting.More

Building Back Better with a green renovation wave
Corporate Knights
The key to all low-carbon transitions is to combine efficiency and electrification with decarbonization of the electricity supply. In Canada, a 10-year, phased-in program for thermally retrofitting and electrifying 60 per cent of the country’s dwellings would reduce GHG emissions by 45 per cent and annual fuel and electricity costs by $12.7 billion per year, more if prices go up. Here is what those retrofits would look like.More

2020 Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow Entry Deadline Extended to June 5, 2020
Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow
With the wide range of connected home devices in the market, it’s hard to know which ones will create the most significant home improvements. The Lighting & Homes for Tomorrow competition, organized by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), handpicks energy saving, connected products that deliver the best consumer experience. The annual competition, of which CABA is a sponsor, will be accepting new submissions until June 4.More

Resideo and ServiceTitan work together to deliver timely tools for increased education and efficiency during health pandemic
ServiceTitan, the world's leading all-in-one software and operating system for residential and commercial service and replacement contractors, has announced it's working with global residential comfort and security solutions provider Resideo to enhance efficiency and empower field technicians with essential tools to increase profitability and device sales. Resideo Technologies, Inc. is a CABA Board member.More

Volkswagen aims to control smart home devices from car
Volkswagen is partnering with to enable the control of smart home devices from the car. Later this year, VW’s Passat and other models will include the smart home services powered by JD Whale, the IoT platform of JD. “The smart home service enables drivers to control home appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and even curtains remotely from their car through voice command or touch of the car’s screen,” states the blog introducing the venture.More

Zigbee Alliance and DiiA collaborate to standardize DALI-Zigbee Gateways
Zigbee Alliance
The Zigbee Alliance, an organization of hundreds of companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organization for DALI lighting control, recently announced they are working together to bring further standardization and system interoperability to the IoT luminaires space. Zigbee Alliance is a CABA member.More

SME develops platform to create more digitally connected smart homes
Smart Cities World
UK-based software development company SysMech has been selected by Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) to help deliver a cloud-based digital integration platform for its “real-world test environment”, Living Lab 2.0. SysMech (Systems Mechanics) specialises in large-scale big data solutions, delivering real-time analytics solutions for government and large enterprise infrastructure monitoring projects, telecommunications operators, and high-volume IoT applications.More

Virtual conference: "Cyber Security for Building Management Systems" | June 23/24th
As the sector looks at how post-COVID19 digital retrofits will be implemented and financed, now is the time for the C Suite to not lose sight of the fundamentals of cybersecurity by design. At the "Cyber Security for Building Management Systems” Virtual Conference, hear from subject matter experts, government and commercial real estate leaders who will address their challenges and best practices through a series of webinar presentations, panel discussions and roundtables, all with face to face video opportunities and chat tools. This is a CABA endorsed event. CABA President & CEO Ron Zimmer will have a presentation. Note that there is a 15% discount available for CABA members using discount code CABACyber.More

New CABA Connected Home Research: Privacy and Cybersecurity in the Connected Home
CABA’s Landmark Research project in the connected home sector for 2020 is "Privacy and Cybersecurity in the Connected Home." Using industry expert interviews and consumer surveys, the research will provide actionable data relevant to the state of the market, key industry players business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, use-cases and industry recommendations. CABA Members the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CSA Group, Resideo Technologies, Inc., SnapAV and TELUS have joined the research project. Contact CABA's Research Director, Greg Walker ([email protected]), for information on becoming a funder. Visit the CABA website for more information, including to hear the April 9 introductory webinar given by Frost & Sullivan.More

New CABA Intelligent Buildings Research: Intelligent Building Energy Management Systems
CABA’s new Landmark Research Project in the large buildings area is “Intelligent Building Energy Management Systems.” This new research to be conducted by Harbor Research, Inc. will use qualitative and quantitative data to address the many challenges and opportunities that exist around intelligent building energy management systems. The 14 CABA members that have now joined the research include BC Hydro, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, ComEd, An Exelon Company, Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc., Greensoil Proptech Ventures, Hydro-Québec, Iota Communications, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Professional, Legrand, Renesas Electronics, Rheem Manufacturing, Siemens Industry, Inc., Southwire Company LLC, and UL LLC. Contact CABA's Research Director, Greg Walker ([email protected]), for information on becoming a funder. In addition, the recording of the April 2 informational webinar on the topic, given by Harbor Research, Inc., is now available. More

CABA acknowledges member support
CABA would like to thank new member Software Motor Company, Cylon Controls (now ABB) and renewing members Enolgas USA Inc., exp. US Services, Inc. and Qorvo, Inc.