Executive Summary – Intelligent Building Energy Management Systems


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Intelligent buildings and EMS—or energy management systems—are the focus of this recently completed CABA Landmark Research Project. The executive summary report is now available as a free download upon completion of the contact form below. The Full Report will be available in the CABA Store following an embargo period. The research by Harbor Research, Inc. explores the intelligent buildings and EMS market, technical barriers and opportunities related to its evolution, and key energy use-cases and technologies. The outcomes provide a clearer understand of the market and the current and future opportunities available to drive revenues. The research found that OEMs, utility operators, software providers, building owners and property managers need to improve the value of their solutions while fostering a collaborative ecosystem aligned on appropriate standards and best practices, and sets out specific recommendations for these key participants in the intelligent buildings and EMS market.

Intelligent Building Energy Management Systems - Executive Summary

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