Module 1 of the research was completed and is available in the CABA Store as a complimentary download. The project continues with Module 2 and 3, currently in development.


This research will provide actionable information on how building technologies can be leveraged to create safer, healthier and more productive work environments in buildings post COVID-19. The post COVID-19 era has refocused efforts in building technology, operations and design with disease prevention and occupant health at the forefront. There are more questions than answers which has led many companies to promote ill-conceived technology solutions not backed by science. With this research, CABA will be leveraging key industry thought leaders from a wide range of multi-national corporations to provide evidence based and actionable information on technology solutions post COVID-19.

Topics that may be covered in this research include (in no particular order):
• Leveraging other authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ASHRAE, etc., to incorporate their knowledge and recommendations.
• Feature appropriate technology: Ultraviolet light, thermal imaging, sensors, touchless elevators, light switches, faucets, hand dyers, door handles, etc.
• The importance of connected washroom solutions
• The use of technology that can measure key indicators to illness (temperature, Blood pressure etc.) at home to determine if staff are permitted in the workplace
• Implications for dealing with other future pandemics or crises
• The effect of COVID-19 strategies on other illnesses, like the common cold or influenza, etc.
• Overview of regional and national COVID-19 laws and regulations
• Technology related to the proximity and mobility of occupants
• The impacts of a home-based workforce
• Building technology infrastructure changes
• How new technology implementation influences occupant behavior and psychology
• Investigation of the response in urban vs rural populations
• Scientific overview of COVID-19 for non-science professionals
• The new COVID-19 science being released and their influence on new building technologies
• The impacts on the confidence and health of workers, who bare the risks
• The impacts on the confidence of owners and managers, who bare the liability
• Not just the effectiveness of technology, but how it alters human behaviors
• Transience vs permanent technology measures
• Indoor environmental: HVAC systems, advanced filtration, monitoring (temperature, VO2, air quality, etc.)

The final research may not address all the topics outlined above, and additional topics will likely be added. The scope of the final research will be narrowed down or expanded further in the RFP submission process, and later by the Steering Committee. The target audience of this research includes, but not limited to the following: builders, facility managers, owners, human resources professionals, integrators, contractors, manufacturers, software solution providers, supply chain specialists, architects, engineers, and occupants.

COVID Research Introductory Webinar – July 16, 2020
Presentation Slides


Access to full, completed research is only available to participating funding organizations. The image above shows the logos of the current participating sponsors, all of them CABA members.

The funding opportunity available for this project is at the Silver Level:  

Silver Funder – $6K (normally $10K; special discount applies in 2020)
• Name and logo will be placed on the front page of the research report, slide deck, media releases, and marketing material.
• Opportunity to participate in the final webinar with all the funders which will highlight the findings of the research in detail.
• Ability to ask the questions to the research analysts.
• The raw data from the research.
• Final report, executive summary and presentations.
• Will be on the Steering Committee and allowed to: define the research scope and methodology, provide feedback and input regarding the direction of the study, and participate in Steering Committee webinars.
• Will have a special one (1) hour webinar specifically for your organization.  Anyone from your organization can attend and receive a detailed overview of the research findings that relate to your organization.
• Will receive bonus research reports that the vendor may provide.
• Will be given the option to participate in a half-day “Thought Leader” Think Tank, led by the research firm to discuss what the research findings mean to the industry.

Greg Walker
CABA Research Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 613.686.1814 x227